Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a personal marketing process that uses social networking services and other ways to increase its brand awareness. Its personal and can be delivered by word of mouth through internet or mobile services as well. Here the sponsor is though identified but he does not pay for each marketing reference on various websites. The ad or information is spread like a virus on computer by different users who click and share the links to other websites. The users copy and share an entire link to others via email, blog or other ways.

Sometimes the ad/clip/news/information is so interesting in itself that only a single push through any medium can make it viral in just one day. The material goes hands in hands via different mediums through the users who come across it. For Instance, recently a video clip of a Professor who imitates Actor Govinda in his dancing style went viral. This became talk of the nation when a big media house flashed it on its news channel. In fact, it was not the media house which made this video popular but the exchange of the video through various sources of internet apps. Users took to their different online platforms to  share the video and it spread like fire in a forest.

However,we should keep in mind that this video went viral for free. User or viewers found it interesting and made it popular instantly by sharing it to their acquaintances. Therefore,It was not a paid marketing effort. Likewise, if a person or agency pays for a piece of ad/clip/news/information, it takes several platforms to make it popular. However, it may or may not be viral instantly. There are several technical/ broadcasting/ publishing ways to make it reach more and more viewers.