Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMM & SMO)

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization are the two terms related to the digital marketing. Nowadays these two are the main pillars to have a focused marketing strategy. Social media marketing (SMM) as the term suggests is a way to gain traffic or attention through social media sites. Consequently towards a particular Brand that leads to its promotion establishing its social media presence on major platforms. It includes techniques and strategies for promoting awareness of a brand, or product, etc., on social media sites. Hence principally by flashing and sharing the content showing a particular brand that catches the eyes of people who visit that site or are already members of the site.

Difference between SMM & SMO?

The both terms are different from each others in the way that in SMO all the promotions and modifications are done on a specific website page only. Whereas when we do the promotions and marketing on the social sites is called SMM. Even more, in order to attract viewers towards a particular website for which the ad or promotions are designed for. So while we post something at our social profile from the website that happened due to SMO. While, in contrast when we boost a post or page or even plan a campaign with a specific target and budget it become SMM

We SumOne India Does both of the activity but with a SMART plan. We always try to keep the client’s website in the loop whenever we place an advertisement in the social media. And due to that we always prefer our clients must have a website. Even we modify or reconstruct the same if there are any certain requirements come up.