Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Or CPC and CPI or CPM comes under SEM (Search Engine Marketing). PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is an internet advertising process developed to direct the users to a specific website whenever the Advertisement is clicked. In this method the advertiser pays a publisher (A website owner or network) for clicking the link of the ad or the ad itself. It is also popular as CPC or Cost-Per-Click. On ‘Content’ sites the PPC is also known as ‘Banner Ads’ and not termed as Pay-Per-Click ad. Now what is CPI or CPM? It is Cost-Per-Impression and nothing to do with numbers of clicks. The advertiser pays the website for Per Thousand views instead of per click.

Generally Pay Per Click Advertising is linked with premier search engines (such as Google Ad Words and Microsoft Bing Ads). An advertiser typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to his target market with search engines. On the other hand content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system. Here PPC “displays” advertisements on web sites with related content that have agreed to show ads as Banners and these are not paid per click ads.

More about PPC

Today most popular Social networks such as Face book and Twitter are also using PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising as one of their advertising techniques. Nevertheless, Content websites too can offer PPC ads. These websites will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list. Or when a content site displays relevant content. These advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads. Which appear near, above, or beneath macrobiotic results on search engine results pages. However, a web Developer can also fix the position of these ads to be displayed on the content site or search engine page.